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Gavin McMahon

Gavin McMahon

Co-CEO | Founder

"Lapsed Engineer, now tinkers with brains."

Gavin partners with clients to create tailored learning programs. He is rumored to build and run practical, entertaining workshops. He leads the development of newfangled leadership and customer experience products.

Gavin's early career crosses the defense, automotive, publishing, and technology industries. He worked in engineering, strategy, and senior product development roles.

Gavin graduated from UCLAN with a B(Eng) Hons. in Mechanical Engineering. He served as a platoon commander after graduating from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

After a short stint in the defense industry and working in Africa, Gavin made a career change. A Sainsbury Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, he went on to study at Institute Theseus in France. There, he graduated with an MBA in Innovation, Strategy & Information Technology.

Gavin was a founding member of the London Business School’s i:Lab. There he co-wrote the case study: Netscape Communications Corporation. One of the first digital case studies, Netscape charted the rise of the first Internet giant. The case featured in MBA and executive education programs at Harvard, London Business School, and INSEAD.

Gavin is a proud father of two very handsome basset hounds (and kids).

Client testimonials

Kelley Kurtzman

“ I watched Gavin and the rest of your team work, asked to do bigger and bigger projects, your ability to scale and deliver absolutely what you said and then some, I think is really critical in this competitive environment…”

Tami Erwin
Kelley Kurtzman
VP, Global Consumer Sales & Service Centers
Matty Braden

"Gavin is a fantastic partner, and I've had great success working with him on many projects. He is a true thought leader who consistently brings creative, modern, and impactful learning solutions to the table. His ability to take ideation and brainstorming with a client and turn that into a compelling strategy is 2nd to none."

Tami Erwin
Matty Braden
Director Organizational Learning and Development
Kim Iorns

"Gavin has a unique gift of having strengths in creativity, process, and storytelling that enable him to create impactful learning solutions through design, visuals, and experiences.

He possesses a knack for being able to organize a myriad of ideas into visual, tangible, consumable content that is focused on the strategic outcome while keeping simplicity front of mind. 

In my 20+ years in learning, I have worked with many business partners and it is rare to find someone like Gavin with this trifecta of skills."

Tami Erwin
Kim Iorns
Director, Talent Development and Learning
H&R Block
Carlos Arcila

"Gavin's excellent at what he does, which is making you a better business storyteller. I've had the pleasure of working with Gavin on numerous projects from 1:1 professional development training to creating/rolling out department wide training (Storytelling using Data). - and each time he's professional, accessible and works with you to ensure success."

Tami Erwin
Carlos Arcila
Corporate Communications

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