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Establish outcomes through leadership training & storytelling programs.

In fassforward’s Business Leadership training, we teach you the skills you need to master in order to become more effective as a leader and grow your company. Among our offerings, we provide Business Storytelling training that helps executives communicate better and achieve greater levels of engagement.
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Help leaders effectively manage people, improve results and navigate the social system in your company.
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“I just love the depth of content from fassforward - the authenticity of it. All the participants always comment on how exceptional it is. We are lucky to have you as partners.”

Bridgette Vital from Verizon
Bridgette Vital
Client Partner
Verizon Connect

How is This Training Different?

Context matters.
It’s important that what we do is contextualized within your business and tailored to fit your needs. We work hard to gain deep knowledge of your business and make our content relevant to you.

Delivery matters.
All of our facilitators have practical experience and deep business knowledge. They have extensive experience delivering live and live online learning sessions to many different audiences of Fortune 100 companies across many different industries.

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"You totally rock at facilitating e-learning! Your two webinars have been the best I have been on for a very long time. THANK YOU."

Emily Biswell from Mastercard
Emily Biswell
Senior Human Resources
Business Partner

Why is Leadership Training Important?

Leading people is very personal. Too often, would-be leaders become entrenched in their ways, believing it is the responsibility of the staff to adapt to them. While this may sometimes happen, what may happen equally often is that they leave for a competing company.

In our leadership training workshops, you’ll build on the skills you need to communicate and manage effectively, build better relationships and begin to get the results that you’ve been looking for.

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"Thank you fassforward for delivering world class leadership training."

Erica Kelly from Verizon
Erica Kelly
Director Global Sales,
Strategy and Support

Award Winning

We partnered with Verizon and developed a new and unique application of technology to support personalized learning. Our Leading Teams program was the foundational piece of this learning experience.
Brandon Hall excellence award
SILVER - Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology: Personalizing the Learning Experience.