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Building Story

“How do I tell stories for business?”

Award Winning

We partnered with Verizon and developed a new and unique application of technology to support personalized learning. Our Leading Teams program was the foundational piece of this learning experience.
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SILVER - Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology: Personalizing the Learning Experience.


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Storytelling drives business.

Some companies — Amazon, Apple, and others, understand that. Others struggle with it. Yet in a world swimming in a sea of data, storytelling is the only way people make sense of the world. Because it’s uniquely human, storytelling will never go out of style.

Executives, marketers, product managers, and businesses understand the power of story, but most haven’t gone beyond rebranding their clunky PowerPoint deck as a narrative. Storytelling is the communication muscle that allows us to drive change, build products, shape markets, and inspire others.

In our live-online Building Story course, you’ll learn the basic building blocks of story. Why stories work for business. Build a strategic narrative that draws in your audience. How to move beyond a deck and inspire interest and demand. How to frame your message and craft a compelling storyline.

What you get.

  • Clear the hurdles to compelling communication around the current strategy/ product/ positioning.
  • Use simple tools to build context and framework for their narrative.
  • Build information hierarchy within the story to make key points stand out.

Building skill and business capability.

  • Building Story is a tailored, skill-building course designed to build a business capability.
  • Learning is changing. Live-online training allows spaced learning — an easier, more natural way of learning.
  • Practical, quick learning boosts delivered to a learner’s phone support recall and skill-building.
  • You get better when you practice. Our simple tools encourage deliberate practice.
  • Topics covered: Communications; Persuasion; Creativity; Storytelling.

Our course.
Our Building Story training is live-online. Designed to deliver intimacy, insight, interaction, and impact. Our facilitators are experts in creating experiences, amplifying relevance, and using stories to create a connection with the content, and ‘Aha’ moments.

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How to create a context

Understand what your story is about, and which other narratives compete for attention. Learn how world-building creates rabid fans, lines up with brand values, and sets a tone and voice.

How to set up story structure

Every great story has a spine. It follows a formula that puts the hero in the center of the story and sets them up against a villain. The structure is more than a beginning, middle, and end, it’s a storyline that adds drama.

How to map a storyboard

Your storyboard captures the key points of your story and lays out an argument. A way to hook people in, package the meat of your story, and provide a payoff for the audience.

How to play with words

You want people to repeat your story. Key points to stick in their heads like earworms. You want to make it stick. To do this, master the rhetoric that puts your words on steroids.

Our course.

Learning is changing. Our Leading Teams training can be delivered in both a live and live-online setting. It’s designed to deliver intimacy, insight, interaction, and impact no matter what the delivery environment is. Our facilitators are experts in creating experiences, amplifying relevance, and using stories to create a connection with the content, and ‘Aha’ moments.

How to lead people

Not everyone prefers to be led the same way. Learn how to balance the “tangibles” with the “intangibles” to motivate and inspire your team.
executive business consultant previewremote online learning preview

How to sell and support remotely

People love to buy but hate being sold to. Learn how to authentically strengthen your relationship with customers, while providing them with a solution that works for them.
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How to prioritize work

Work smarter not harder. Identify work that is core and critical to the organization, while getting rid of the busywork.
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How to maximize performance

We can thrive or just barely survive on different levels of stress. Learn how frustration, anxiety, and regret can be used for good and get the most out of your team’s performance.
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Due to COVID-19, we have re-engineered all our consulting, training, and coaching services for remote work practices. Our facilitators, coaches, and consultants are all trained to successfully run remote meetings. We use a variety of technologies to make remote engagements effective and engaging.