What if everyone at your company clearly understood your mission?

If all your employees felt energized and empowered and lucky to be part of such a dynamic and impactful team? This scenario is achievable — when you partner with fassforward who can show you how to do it.


Award Winning

We partnered with Verizon and developed a new and unique application of technology to support personalized learning. Our Leading Teams program was the foundational piece of this learning experience.


SILVER - Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology: Personalizing the Learning Experience.

At fassforward, we teach CEOs, executives, directors, managers and other professionals the skills they need to be more effective leaders.

Our offerings include business storytelling, leadership training, executive presence, remote learning, and more.

At many companies, executives can see that there is room for improvement, but because they are making money, they don’t always stop to take the time to smooth out the bumps in the road. Sometimes they erroneously believe the bumps will disappear on their own.


"fassforward makes our business better today than it was yesterday and inspires ongoing culture change as we look to serve our customers in new and innovative ways!"


Tami Erwin

Executive VP and CEO Verizon Business

Don’t you think that you and your employees should have every advantage?

Why should you struggle when you don’t have to? fassforward’s executive leadership coaching and leadership development training gives you the keys to unlock opportunities that have previously been closed to you. We teach you how to break out of the old ways and learn new and more effective styles of leadership communication.

This type of training is more important today than ever, due to the seismic shift in the workplace as a result of the pandemic.


"fassforward brings clarity to chaos, finds solutions to big business problems, and most importantly drives and delivers results. Putting their insights and tools into action will be the single most important business investment you can make in the coming years."


Martha Delehanty
Chief People Officer

So many of the rules, norms and methods have changed.

That’s why fassforward has developed programs for training a remote workforce. We prepare you for what is happening now, and what will happen in the future. When you take part in managing a remote workforce training, you get the benefit of all our research, interviews, analyses, and more. You will no longer need to fear remote learning with your staff.

Whether it’s storytelling coaching, presentation training, CEO leadership coaching or another aspect of management you are looking to change, fassforward can help. Give yourself an edge and call us today. You deserve it.

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