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Leadership is critical, especially when it’s remote.

We’re The How Company

We operate in the seams where conventional thinking, consultants and agencies just don’t go. Most of them focus on the “what”. We go well beyond that to work through the, “how”. A strategy is doomed to fail unless everyone can see its purpose in their day to day work experience. That’s the outcome we always drive toward, which is why, over the last 20 years, we’ve become known as “The How Company.”

We work across four service areas: Coaching, Consulting, Training & Creative. Our process, known as The Rize System℠, helps build capabilities, shape culture and turn managers into true leaders. Our refined approach to learning incorporates the latest in neuroscience technology, using methodologies and follow up that work hard to make change stick.

In the end, it comes down to just three things: The expertise of our people, our process and our intellectual capital. We believe in a practitioner mandate, so we have no career consultants. It’s hard to teach what you’ve never done. We are all in our professional act II and seek to share what we’ve learned to overcome obstacles and improve performance on every level. Our practical process keeps us focused on connecting all the dots. Our intellectual capital, developed and refined over the last two decades, has been proven to be highly effective.

Due to COVID-19, we have re-engineered all our consulting, training, and coaching services for remote work practices. Our facilitators, coaches, and consultants are all trained to successfully run remote meetings. We use a variety of technologies to make remote engagements effective and engaging.

We use Visual Logic℠ to turn complexity into simple but powerful visual interpretations of story, data and more.

Beyond words,

everything communicates.

We work with leaders at all levels to shift their focus from reacting to problems to creating outcomes.

Practical. Simple. Engaging.

Practical guidance based on clearly defined goals to drive actionable and accelerated results.

Creative. Strategic.

Out of the box.

You totally rock!

Emily Biswell, Mastercard HR Australia

We’re always open to a conversation and would love to hear from you.

New York

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