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Practical guidance. Defined goals. We partner with global leaders to derive actionable and accelerated results for their companies.


Our Philosophy: Coaching is a Thinking Partnership

These days, the accelerating rate of change is the only constant. Effective leadership, therefore, must be agile and focus on creating outcomes rather than reacting to problems. Yet, today’s pace of change can drive both new and seasoned pros to fall into familiar traps: micro-managing, creating chaos, dominating or conversely over-accommodating, being overwhelmed, intimidated or absent.

Our experienced coaches give professionals at multiple levels the nuanced counsel and support needed to make sound decisions and take the right actions to achieve tangible results. We are a practitioner-based model and our coaches have extensive professional leadership experience across most major sectors. We’ve walked in your shoes. 

Everything we do at fassforward is focused on creating desired outcomes. That’s why we define and map out specific goals at the beginning of the process, then measure them consistently throughout the coaching relationship. These goals are designed to improve leadership, accelerate performance, and empower the client with tools and an outcome plan they can employ after the coaching is completed. 

In the end, we see coaching as a Thinking Partnership. Our approach gets you to think in a new way. And when the effort and energy are well matched on both sides, the partnership that’s created is unstoppable.

Our Coaches

Peter Watts Paskale, Instructional Designer & Facilitator at fassforward consulting group. A consulting company focusing on experienced business coaching, practical, simple, engaging training, creative, strategic, unique consulting and highly memorable, visually arresting creativity located in Pelham, New York. Peter is a writer and presenter endlessly fascinated with language and storytelling and all their various incarnations. Peter started his career in the IT industry, where he spent 20 years working for Dell. Initially based in the European Union as a brand manager, he then worked throughout the emerging markets of the Middle East, Russia, and Africa. Working across multiple cultures and political systems fired his enthusiasm and curiosity for all aspects of communication, from contemporary marketing to traditional oral storytelling.
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Our coaches have extensive business experience in finance, technology, retail, marketing, consulting, and manufacturing. These diverse backgrounds allow us to hit the ground running and focus on results.
We use a proven methodology driven by deep industry knowledge and our experience in working with businesses instead of an academic or psychological approach. 

Coaching by the numbers.

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