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Experienced coaching. Business focus.

Practical guidance. Defined goals. We partner with global leaders to derive actionable and accelerated results for their companies.


Our coaches

We’ve been in your shoes. Our coaches have extensive business experience in finance, technology, retail, marketing, consulting, and manufacturing. These diverse backgrounds allow us to hit the ground running and focus on results.


We use a proven methodology driven by deep industry knowledge and our experience in working with businesses instead of an academic or psychological approach. We develop agile leaders.

Executive coaching

Our coaching approach

Coaching alignment

Finding the right coach with comparable professional and/or life experiences.

Chemistry meeting

First meeting between the coach and client to establish a connection and buy-in to the coaching process. 

Rapid Insight 

360 interviews conducted with peers, directs and upper management. Feedback is organized into a Rapid Insight Synthesis that outlines key areas of strengths and opportunities.

Leadership survey

Provides the coaching client insight into how they think, act and lead. It demonstrates how simple mindset shifts can allow them to move from fixed thinking to expansive thinking. 

Outcome planning

Connects the common themes from the Leadership survey and the Rapid Insight synthesis. The gaps between the coaching client and other perspectives are outlined. Specific goals & desired outcomes are established.

Sponsor check-ins

Review of the client’s goals with the coaching sponsor ensuring alignment and accountability. Follow-up conversations are held with the sponsor throughout the coaching process to validate progress.

Practical tools 

Using simple tools to solve complex problems. fassforward’s methodology has evolved from 17+ years of helping global leaders move their businesses forward.

Your challenge:

“I need to elevate our leadership.”

Today, leaders must adapt to a constantly changing environment in which change is the only constant. Effective leaders are agile and focus on creating outcomes rather than putting out fires. However, the pace of change can drive both new and seasoned leaders to fall into Leadership Traps: micro-managing, creating chaos, dominating or conversely over-accommodating, being overwhelmed, intimidated or absent.

We have been in your shoes. Our coaches have extensive business backgrounds and relevant experience. Throughout our careers, we too have fallen into these traps. We employ proven methods & tools honed over 20+ years of working with global leaders.  

Executive coaching is a one-on-one thinking partnership. Our coaches give leaders the counsel and support needed to make sound decisions and take the right actions to achieve tangible results. 


The leadership coaching experience results in:

  • Shifting from fire-fighting to business outcomes

  • Managing/motivating teams to improve performance

  • Developing brokering and bridging skills to build networks and relationships


Professional skills gained:

  • Strategic thinking

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Collaboration and motivation


Unlock your potential as a leader and take your leadership to the next level.

We’re always open to a conversation and would love to hear from you.

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