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How to lead people

Not everyone prefers to be led the same way. Learn how to balance the “tangibles” with the “intangibles” to motivate and inspire your team. 

How to sell and support remotely

People love to buy but hate being sold to. Learn how to authentically strengthen your relationship with customers, while providing them with a solution that works for them.

How to prioritize work

Work smarter not harder. Identify work that is core and critical to the organization, while getting rid of the busywork.

How to maximize performance

We can thrive or just barely survive on different levels of stress. Learn how frustration, anxiety, and regret can be used for good and get the most out of your team’s performance. 

“How do I inspire my teams to better performance?”


Leadership isn’t a popularity contest. Business isn’t a game. It’s tough managing a team. It’s harder still when that team is remote, or under pressure, or both. Yet good leaders inspire performance. How? Good leaders are able to connect with their team as individuals and engage people in their work.

With teams spread across time zones, towns, and countries, leaders can’t micromanage. Occasional email check-ins and weekly staff meetings are not the answer. Building a leading team requires establishing new norms, encouraging collaboration, building relationships, allowing autonomy, and focusing on work.

In our live-online Leading Teams course, we’ll explore the distinction between leading people and managing performance. We will show you how to provide clear direction, improve psychological safety, encourage interactions, and open authentic conversations.

What you get.

  • Manage and motivate teams to maximize performance.

  • Prioritize work to empower autonomy in individuals and teams.

  • Increase work effectiveness.

  • Inspire authentic relationships both internally and externally

Building skill and business capability.

  • Leading Teams is a tailored, skill-building course designed to build a business capability.

  • Learning is changing. Live-online training allows spaced learning — an easier, more natural way of learning.

  • Practical, quick learning boosts delivered to a learner’s phone support recall and skill-building.

  • You get better when you practice. Our simple tools encourage deliberate practice.

  • Leading people; Managing performance; Prioritizing work; Relationship building.

Our course.

Our Leading Teams training is live-online. Designed to deliver intimacy, insight, interaction, and impact. Our facilitators are experts in creating experiences, amplifying relevance, and using stories to create a connection with the content, and ‘Aha’ moments.

Due to COVID-19, we have re-engineered all our consulting, training, and coaching services for remote work practices. Our facilitators, coaches, and consultants are all trained to successfully run remote meetings. We use a variety of technologies to make remote engagements effective and engaging.