Leading Teams

Your Challenge:

"I have an overwhelmed team who are stressed by lack of time and resources."


All leaders reach a point when technical ability is less important than their skill in leading people. This is critical, especially as those leaders rise to manage teams. Their role evolves to empowering individuals, driving performance, and motivating teams.  


In this one-day Leading Teams workshop managers will identify business challenges and build leadership competencies. Make the distinction between leading people and managing performance. Understand the difference between work output and impact. Create strategies to maximize the performance of your team. Get rid of busy work and prioritize what's core to the business and critical to the future. Learn how to build networks to tap into resources needed to drive performance.


At the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • Manage and motivate teams to maximize performance.

  • Prioritize work and build networks that empower teams.

  • Increase their work effectiveness.

Professional skills gained:

  • Leading people

  • Managing performance

  • Prioritizing work

  • Managing stakeholders

Uncover the fundamentals that help leaders manage people and work.

Sample one-day agenda

9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Welcome and introductions

Why engaging, enabling and empowering people is critical to business.


Leading teams

Using the Touch Task tool balance building relationships and managing work.


Managing performance

Using the Performance Curve plot and plan managing team performance.


Prioritizing work

Using the Core/Critical Graph identify what's core to the business and critical to the future.


Building networks

Using the Network Map, through influence, tap into helpful resources.

Wrap up and close

Create a light leadership plan using the Commitment Action Document.


NOTE. Each session is highly interactive and tailored to your needs. Participants may be asked to submit content ahead of time. A subset of these are chosen to discuss in small groups. This workshop is part of fassforward’s Lead Series.


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