2022 Thinking: Our Yearly Round-Up of Our Favorite How-to's.

December 15, 2022
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“Unless a reviewer has the courage to give you unqualified praise, I say ignore the bastard.”
— John Steinbeck

How many times in 2022, have you started a thought with the phrase “How do I do this…?” or “How do I do that…?”

If the ‘this’ or ‘that’ in question was about either leadership or storytelling, then we hope that during 2022, fassforward’s weekly ‘How to…’ articles have helped. To round-off the year, we’ve asked our team of leadership coaches to review which articles they’ve found themselves recommending the most during 2022. 

Fassforward is the ‘How’ company, with content and courses addressing practical questions about leadership and communications. Our website is there to help answer the type of ‘How to…’ questions business leaders and communicators of all levels occasionally find themselves asking.

Each of our coaches has chosen the articles they feel have most met a challenge or a need business leaders have seen during 2022. Their choices range from how to manage performance through to how perfectionists can get themselves out of the weeds — declaring victory and moving on.

From all of us, we wish you a happy holiday season, and look forward to continuing to help you answer those how-to’s throughout 2023.

“I send this to clients because it tackles an issue I’ve discussed with so many of them: executing effectively on their strategy. It defines terms that are often used interchangeably: vision, mission and goals, and ties them to successfully executing a strategy.  Finally it provides a simple 4-part test to see if your strategy is on the right track.”

Executing Strategy — How to get your strategy understood and actioned.

Read about David

“This is an excellent breakdown of why change can sometimes make us feel like we’re spiralling out of control — especially when those changes are rapid. Being able to focus on positive outcomes means you maintain forward momentum and at the same time build alignment and autonomy on your team. This article gives you the blueprint for moving through change, and hitting your outcome.”

All Change — How to rethink how we lead through change.

Read about Jill

“This one is repeatedly mentioned as a favorite of my clients — “Do something. Declare victory. Move on.” It’s an approach that is great for perfectionists that get stuck in the weeds. It's also good for those who struggle to feel they have accomplished anything, and as a boost for team morale.”

Move on — How to develop a rhythm for agile work.

Read about Sheri

“These three create a series around the difference between leading and managing. Leadership is about relationships and having the right conversations with your people. Managing is all about the work. In other words we don't manage people, we lead people. In Touch Task it speaks to leading people the way they want to be led. In Judgement Day 1 and 2 it talks about having the right process for managing performance. When you find the right balance between the two you are well on your way to leading a high performance team.”

Touch Task — How do I lead people?

Judgement Day — How to manage performance

Judgement Day II — How to manage performance


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“I use this piece with clients as an introduction to our thinking patterns. It breaks out how the patterns show up, and how clients can begin to notice these responses in themselves and others. When we understand how we think, we can understand how we show up, respond, and initiate action, as well as expanding our thinking and leading.”

Thinking Patterns — How you think, act, and lead.

Read about Christian

Peter Watts is a Senior Instructional Designer and Facilitator. He works on both fassforward's Live, Live/online and tailored programs. Peter is fassforward's lead instructional designer for Live/online experiences which deliver mission-critical leadership and communications training, globally, at scale.

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