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Jill Vander Putten

Executive Coach | Facilitator

"Leadership through compassion, tempered by reality."

Jill brings extensive experience in advising leaders and executives on how to drive performance and achieve their goals through leadership.  Her experience runs the gamut of consumer marketing, retail, B2B and indirect sales.

At MasterCard International Jill was the liaison between the graphic design studio, (SEVEN) and the Direct Marketing Group providing copy and creative for the well-known “priceless” campaign.

She was a feature writer/editor at Cosmopolitan Magazine and wrote monthly, by-lined columns in three trade magazines.

After she sold her design firm and her marketing company, Jill was tapped to create, develop and chair a design and marketing program at FIT SUNY, from which she graduated with a degree in Advertising & Communications. The Dynamics of Great Selling and International Trends and their Effect on the Marketplace were just two of the courses she designed.

Jill has been quoted in Fortune Magazine and has been a presenter at many industry seminars.

Fun fact: Jill met her husband on a blind date and was engaged three weeks later. Married eight months after…still married!

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