about us / differences

We have a distinctly different worldview.

How we're different

We put our differences to work in many ways.

Inside Out Approach

We know and live our clients' businesses. The result is truly effective partnerships and tailored consulting that is never re-purposed, off the shelf or generic thinking.

Practical & Actionable

We don’t get paid by the deck page. We don’t do high-concept, no follow through. We don’t have a default like, “cut costs.” Most importantly, we don’t admire problems, we fix them.

Visual Logic℠

Our proprietary approach to visualization that turns complexity into simple but powerful visual interpretations of story and data.

Practitioner Culture

Rather than use the inexperienced but book-smart, our team is comprised of seasoned professionals who can apply practical, real world experience and tenured advice to every engagement.

Rapid Insight℠

Our proprietary method of quickly framing the issue in order to establish a baseline and get to solutions.

Nurture & Nudge℠

We stay in touch with people as they move through the implementation phase of every engagement.