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Chart Chooser Cards

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Simple and beautifully illustrated cards to aid your data visualizations.

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Put your business intelligence on display.

Presenting data better helps you to be professional, cutting edge, and clear. Everyone can learn to present data that is easy to read and conveys a powerful point.

We are data fanatics. Our mission is to save the world from ugly and confusing charts.

The new Chart Chooser cards will help you put your business intelligence on display. These cards help simplify, clarify and amplify the way you create visual data. Now each chart will become a powerful beat in your story.

Charts that show what you’re saying.

Can anyone look at your chart and see what you are trying to communicate with the data? If you can frame the data differently you can get people to think about the data differently. Chart Chooser cards help you hone your information design and data visualization skills.

Give a brain a break.

If your data is presented in a visually appealing way the brain will process it quickly and discern how important it is.

“What vision does is find concepts. That’s what the brain is doing all day long — trying to understand what we’re looking at,” says Mary Potter, an MIT professor of Brain & Cognitive Sciences.

communication coach chart chooser image
1. Information goes through the retina (eye - takes 50 milliseconds).
storytelling business plan chart chooser image
2. Next, it moves to the thlamus (relays sensory signals to the cerebral cortex and regulates sleep, alertness and wakefulness).
storytelling business model chart chooser image
3. Then hits the primary visual cortex (extracts basic information about edges, depth, orientation, motion, and colors).
creative storytelling chart chooser image
4. Finally, information is interpreted through the association cortex (complex processing of visual information).

Product Description

Chart Chooser cards.

Sort through data noise and clear chart clutter. The cards are a simple tool to help you simplify, clarify, and amplify the way you create visual data and present it to your audience. Frame the data and you frame people’s thinking.


33 chart types

13 “format it” bonus cards

Infographic poster.

How to choose the right chart? The Chart Chooser Infographic presents your chart options in a clear and visible way. The right chart will help you tell the story behind your data.

24” x 36”

Excel and Tableau templates.

Quickly create charts and graphs that will help find key insights in data. Whether you are visualizing in Excel or in Tableau, templates supply you with every graph type represented in the Chart Chooser card deck, ready for you to add your data.

Presenting Data workshop.

Presenting Data is an interactive workshop that covers information design, headlines, and data visualization. Learn how to tell stories with your charts. Check out our Presenting Data course.


“I think the cards are great. They are very well designed and informative at the same time. I will definitely be including them in workflow when visualization decisions are necessary.”

Rob Paller

“Far better than expected! Excellent product! I am glad I ordered it and I can’t wait to test it in my next visualization workshop.”

Ekkehard Wurm

“Really enjoy these!”

David S. Pieczkiewicz, PhD

“This is such a great resource. I teach graduate students and Executive MBAs and several have emailed me over the years telling me that they love this resource so much they buy a deck for all their new hires.”

Jennifer L. Cronin, PhD



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