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Your voice is the vehicle that drives your intended message. Vocal coaching will help you determine choices that you can make in order to showcase the power of your voice. Your voice ultimately has the ability to invite your intended audience in, or unknowingly, turn them away. We will work to harness your listeners for sustained active engagement.

Leaders have to be understood. It’s vital to your success. Your communication is key to listener comprehension. Your voice coach will work with you to create realistic goals for your articulation and oration skills so that your voice can be your personal vehicle used to make a call to action or facilitate necessary changes.

After completing an evaluation curated to identify your specific needs, your coaching will entail actively participating in exercises designed to explore the different elements of your voice, all of which comprise your own unique vocal identity. Have you ever wondered to yourself: How do I want my listener to perceive my voice? Am I a slow or fast speaker? What kind of voice do I believe gets the most accolades or is most respected? How can I command attention without raising my voice? How well do people understand me when I speak? How can I adjust the cadence to garner different responses from my audience?

In the session, participants will gain:

  • Increased self-confidence and self-awareness

  • Discovering the actual sound of your voice

  • Identifying and embracing your unique vocal features

  • Improved vocal clarity

  • More effective communication style

  • Shaping your voice in a way it will be favorably received

The outcome of the coaching is to build credibility for you and your team, learn how to communicate effectively in a virtual setting, and present a compelling story.