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Virtual Presentation

Video meetings and presentations are the new normal. Our ability to be as effective remotely as in-person is now an invaluable skill. Whether persuading, informing, or inspiring, we need to be able to look straight out of the screen as if we’re right there in the room.
The virtual presentation coaching program is designed to provide leaders and their teams with strategies for effective virtual communication

In the session, participants will learn:

  • Foundations of how to present virtually: a 90-minute team coaching session with your leadership team

    • How to create the best environment for you and your presentation

    • How to sustain engagement with “eye contact”

    • How to create moments of interaction with the audience

    • How to monitor Q&A

  • A deep dive on your content: 1:1 hourly coaching sessions with each of your team member

The outcome of the coaching is to build credibility for you and your team, learn how to communicate effectively in a virtual setting, and present a compelling story.