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Our Coaching Approach:

Rapid Insight 

360 interviews conducted with each member of the team allowing for confidential feedback on the challenges facing the team. Feedback is organized into a Rapid Insight Synthesis that outlines key areas of development for the team


Team coaching is done via live facilitation of a F2F working session. This can be done in a full day session or two half days. 

Your Challenge:

"My team feels overwhelmed, is operating in individual silos and is under-performing”

We believe that team coaching is one of the most effective, yet under-used forms of coaching. This program is designed to provide leaders and their teams with strategies for effective communication, influence, and habit/behavior changes.

Key business goals, challenges and roadblocks specific to the team will be addressed at a group level. Team coaching drives individual ownership and accountability within the group. The end goal is to shift the mindsets of the team to work more effectively.

In the session, participants will:

  • Individually express what they feel but do not say through our Left Hand Column tool. This improves communication and establishes a level of trust within the team.

  • Explore how they think - both individually and as a team. How to move from fixed thinking to outcome creating. 

  • Approach real business challenges in “real time”, with an agile, outcome-oriented mindset. 

  • Learn how to move past working in silos or in opposition to one another. 

Nurture and Nudge

Following this session, regular follow up meetings are scheduled to re-enforce the key takeaways and areas of focus for the group. Our “Nurture and Nudge” approach incorporates spaced learning, deliberate practice, and message discipline to effect lasting change for the group.


Professional skills gained:

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Negotiation

  • Conflict Management

At the end of the engagement, the team will learn to work more efficiently by understanding their own assets and biases, as well as those of their colleagues. The team will be equipped with the tools to effectively navigate challenges and focus on accomplishing clearly defined and agreed upon goals.