Controlling ideas — A conversation with Gavin McMahon

February 10, 2021
1 min read

Gavin McMahon (co-founder) has been instrumental in growing the company into a multimillion-dollar consultancy whose clients include Verizon, Mastercard, Estēe Lauder, and others. Gavin specializes in market changes and the interrelationship with marketing and business strategy and the impact it has on overall business objectives. Recently, Gavin sat down with Dave Byrne, Global Head of Brand Safety & Industry Relations at TikTok, and Founder of Controlling Ideas to discuss storytelling. Enjoy!

Founded in 2001, fassforward is a "how to" practitioner-based consultancy that helps big companies improve how they learn, work and lead. By applying extensive experience, fassforward goes past the “what” to focus on the “how” of leadership and business storytelling, primarily through coaching and training.

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