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Cristina Chianese

Cristina Chianese

Head of Strategic and Brand Partnerships

"Bionic Woman, Will Never Give Up"

Both figuratively and literally, I am an unstoppable bionic woman. At the age of 18 when I was heading off to college and the recipient of a four year advanced designee scholarship for the United States ARMY, I had an accident that almost took my leg. With the combination of an incredibly talented surgeon and unyielding determination, it’s 20+ years later and I am living a very full life with my husband and two amazing kids Nicholas and Mackenzie.

Throughout my career at NBCUniversal, AMC Networks, Discovery, and others, I have honed in on my creative approach and a steadfast unwillingness to give up. My pure passion and joy lie in working alongside a team to solve business problems and growing businesses. I’m an avid volunteer in my community, notably serving as the Chamber of Commerce president, combining my entrepreneurial spirit and corporate mind.

Recently, I took fassforward's thinking pattern test, which revealed that I'm an Advocate. What does that mean? I lead with ethics and courage, supporting my team and standing for what I believe in. Building some of the best friendships in her career, I’m only getting started.

In my current role at fassforward, I am reaching out to like-minded partners and Fortune 500 businesses, and discovering ways to collaborate with them in the pursuit of scaling our business. fassfoward is the best-kept secret in the industry - but I hope to change that! Our methodology centers around the creation of thinking partnerships, something that has driven my career thus far. I am enthusiastic to work with talented individuals and organizations to introduce fassforward. I’m yet to know all the talented people that I will work with and I hope your business is next!

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