Sheri Reynard

Executive Coach | Facilitator


My six word story

"Claimed by many tribes, often misatakenly."


Executive Coaching



Sheri specializes in executive coaching. She’s adept at identifying common ground. She works to guide nuanced conversations, and bridge gaps to help her clients.

Sheri has lived and worked in eleven countries. Early in her career, she worked as a staff writer for a French women's magazine.


A story about the fragrance industry in Paris led her to a career switch to market research. Sheri worked for agencies in France and the UK and rose through the ranks to manage a team of researchers. She designed international research programs for Novartis, Procter & Gamble, Barclays and others. These studies specialized in finding cross-cultural insights to create products and campaigns.


She graduated with a B.Sc degree in International Business Administration and International Marketing.

Sheri speaks five languages, although she’s rusty in all of them.

We’re always open to a conversation and would love to hear from you.

New York

629 Fifth Ave.

Pelham, NY 10803


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