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How to find the story in data

When combining story with data, you’re turning plain numbers into memorable narratives. Explore what story you’re trying to tell with the data, and frame it appropriately for your audience.

How to choose the right chart

Charts are not one size fits all. By framing your data with the right chart, you can influence the way the audience sees your data and move them to action around it.  

Data Lab: Building your charts

Building on your new knowledge of chart choosing and storytelling,  it’s now time to put it into practice. Learn tips and tricks of building your chats with Excel from our SME to make transforming your data easier. 

How we’re wired for data

We are wired to look at things in certain ways. We search for patterns and meaning - even when there may not be any there. Learn what forms work, how to be intentional with them, which forms don’t, and why.

Data Lab: Refining your charts

It’s time to pull it all together. Meet again with our SME to transform data forms you’re currently using into relevant, beautiful charts.

“How do I tell stories with data?”

Organizations run on PowerPoint and live on data. Done well, this can drive operational performance and speed decision making. Done poorly, it muddies messages and confuses conversations.  

To trigger the conversation you want to have, and have it go in the direction you want it to go, you need to make it obvious as to what you are talking about while displaying it simply.

In the live-online Presenting Data course, learn how to find insight in data and present it effectively. Turn your numbers into narratives. Avoid common mistakes in displaying charts and graphs. Create a compelling story using information design and data visualization best practices. 

What you get.

  • Show insight, create understanding and persuade with data.

  • Visually present complicated analysis in a story form.

  • Understand the role data can play in shaping conversations and presentations.

Building skill and business capability.

  • Presenting Data is a tailored, skill-building course designed to build a business capability.

  • Learning is changing. Live-online training allows learning to be spaced. For the learner, spaced learning is an easier, more natural way of learning.

  • Practical, quick learning boosts delivered to a learner’s phone support recall and skill-building.

  • You get better when you practice. Our simple tools encourage deliberate practice.

  • Topics covered: Data visualization; Analytics; Storytelling; Messaging.

Our course.

Our Presenting Data training is live-online. Designed to deliver intimacy, insight, interaction, and impact. Our facilitators are experts in creating experiences, amplifying relevance, and using stories to create a connection with the content, and ‘Aha’ moments.

Due to COVID-19, we have re-engineered all our consulting, training, and coaching services for remote work practices. Our facilitators, coaches, and consultants are all trained to successfully run remote meetings. We use a variety of technologies to make remote engagements effective and engaging.