Framing Conversations

Your Challenge:

"I need people to lead and work across silos when they don’t have direct control."

Leadership happens in the conversation. By default, the lack of leadership also happens in the conversation. Too often, leaders try to change everything. They confuse people with disconnected talk-track and actions.


In the one-day Framing Conversations workshop, learn how to influence and move people to action. Identify what a chocolate conversation is and recognize when you are having one. Effectively work with competing worldviews and standards by balancing your conversations across the Technical, Social, and Political spheres.

At the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • Reach and affect people at all levels, by framing conversations that successfully position ideas.

  • Manage across a matrixed, complex organization and disrupt organizational politics.

  • Identify where conversations break down and how to work towards a different outcome.

Professional skills gained:

  • Conflict Management

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Influence

  • Negotiation


Discover new ways to position critical business conversations.

Sample one-day agenda

9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Welcome and introductions

How leaders can influence and change conversations.


Convincing conversations

Understand how pushing opinion often leads to resistance and conflicted conversations.


Chocolate conversations

Learn what a chocolate conversation is, why you may be talking past one another, and how to unpack the conversation.


Connecting conversations

Prepare for your conversation by understanding what your audience wants to feel, know, and do.


Conversation choices

Learn where you operate in the three spheres of conversation: Technical, Social and Political.

Reframing conversations

Identify your worldview (your 'box'), and how it limits your conversations.

Change the conversation

Build a constructive conversation that frames the way people see the world, and moves them to action.


NOTE. The workshop is highly interactive and tailored to your needs. Participants may be asked to submit content ahead of time. A subset of these are chosen to discuss in small groups. This workshop is part of fassforward’s Communication Series.


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