Christine Creighton

Executive Coach

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Executive Communication Coaching
Speech-Language Pathologist
Voice Consulting
Accent Modification
Speech Therapy
Public Speaking

Christine Creighton is an experienced global Speech-Language Pathologist. Her primary areas of focus are voice consulting, assessing and working with speech patterns, and executive communication. She works with business leaders to empower them with tangible strategies to discover their unique communication styles and deliver clear and effective communication to their intended audiences. Christine has over 16 years of experience in educational, corporate, and healthcare settings in the US, Europe, and UAE.


Christine is a clinically certified, licensed Speech-Language Pathologist in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and New York and a member of ASHA (the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association). She received her B.A. in Liberal Arts, B.S. in Secondary English Education, and a M.A. in Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences from Temple University.

She is a passionate humanitarian, volunteers regularly, and is always up for a walk through nature, outdoor yoga, or enjoying time on a quiet beach. Christine is an avid traveler and aspiring polyglot.

My six word story

"Voice visionary, inspiring leaders through humanity."