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Sample one-day agenda

9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Welcome and introductions

Why stories have power, and storytelling is a key business skill.


6 Word stories

Creating a story is not as hard as you think.


Why do stories work?

What is it that you see in stories? What do we get out of them, and what makes them work?


Stories that sell

How Message Discipline drives Operational Discipline.


Heroes and anti-heroes

Using the T-Leaf, learn how to make your narrative all about your audience.


Structure and storylines

Plot out your strategic narrative using a storyline.

Mastering words

Use metaphors, phrases, and language to build emotion in your narrative.

The workshop is highly interactive and tailored to your needs. Participants may be asked to submit content ahead of time. A subset of these is chosen to discuss in small groups. This workshop is part of fassforward’s Communication Series.

Your Challenge:

"People aren’t bought into my strategy, my brand, my idea..."

“For sale: Baby shoes, never worn.” This is one of the most famous, and shortest, short stories ever written. It’s six words. Yet, it pulls you in. This is the power of storytelling.

In the one-day Building Story workshop, you’ll learn the basic building blocks of story. Frame your message and craft a compelling storyboard by using storylines. Examine business storytelling and learn how to create a strategic narrative. One that draws the audience in, provides evidence for your hypothesis, and concludes with the “what’s in it for them”.

At the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • Clear the hurdles to compelling communication around the current strategy.

  • Use simple tools to build context and framework for their narrative.

  • Build information hierarchy within the presentation to make key points stand out.


Professional skills gained:

  • Corporate Communications

  • Branding

  • Marketing

  • Storytelling


Create understanding, persuade and inspire through storytelling.

We’re always open to a conversation and would love to hear from you.

New York

629 Fifth Ave.

Pelham, NY 10803


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