We see business as a system

We see all businesses as a system comprised of five interconnected parts; a change to one affects the others.


How the system works

Each of the system’s component parts are comprised of four individual areas. 

How our services fit the system

We have four practice areas: Coaching, Consulting, Training and Creativity.

Purpose is essential


We believe that every business begins and ends with purpose. It’s why a company exists. Break purpose down and it translates to vision, mission, strategy and goals organized around a business model designed to stay relevant and commercially viable in a competitive environment. Purpose gets translated through strategy by way of leadership and culture. Once this strategic framework is clear, it can be used as a filter for day-to-day and often much bigger decisions.

Culture is how things get done around here

We define culture as how things get done around here. As such, culture has to enable how people do what they do. When we think of culture, we think of cultural symbols, like what you would typically see in an interview or the “vibe” you get inside an organization. We also think about discipline and what the culture rallies around. Different cultures get excited about different things. But, when culture, leadership, and strategy are aligned, it gets people inspired and highly engaged.

It’s all an interconnected system

So, we see all of this as an interconnected system. You can't operate on it all at once because it is complex, but you can do it in parts. For instance, take leadership or strategy. When working in these areas, you need to be aware of all the other parts because moving one affects the others.

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