Getting started.

Identify areas of maximum impact. A series of Rapid Insight interviews and pymetrics games that lay the groundwork for mapping the connection between your culture, strategy, and execution. 

Insights and traits.

Garner deep insights from the data. The insights gleaned from gathered data will help build a more rounded picture to validate the interview insights, explain organizational disconnects and provide a better understanding of your culture’s natural capabilities. 

Culture mapping.

Create a map of your culture. Assess what the organization currently looks like via existing data, symbols, disciplines, collective habits, and unwritten rules.  Create a future state map by establishing a vision for the future.

Intentional design.

Create guiding principles that shift habits and overcome cultural challenges. Identify developmental strategies based on similar or different trait profiles to help accelerate the transformation.

Culture shift.

Establish a culture shift program and messaging. Create a cadence of strategic training and coaching that supports the culture shift.

“How do I build a better business culture?”

Digital transformation, remote work, and global pandemics — all are challenging our understanding of the future of work. With all this change, one constant remains true. “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Companies with positive, purpose-driven cultures are set to succeed while others fail.

Leaders throughout a business have a responsibility to their company’s culture. Culture is like a garden. It’s a nice place to be if it is weeded, fed, and watered. As a leader, you must consider your role: Are you shaping the culture around you? Or does culture shape you?

Shaping Culture is here to help you figure out your organization's culture. It’s an agile approach to align your culture with your organization’s Purpose, Leadership, People, and Customers. Shaping Culture is a ‘how’ that transforms the DNA of your organization.

What you get.

  • An assessment of your current culture’s natural strengths using the pymetrics games and Rapid Insight.

  • Alignment between your culture’s core DNA and its business strategy and values.

  • A current and future state map of your culture.

  • Strategic recommendations to shape your new culture.

  • Benchmarking of the cultural shifts.

Working with your team.

  • You bring your domain expertise and experience in the business. We bring a proven method and a creative, engaging approach to facilitating strategic work.

  • Together, we co-create through a planned series of working sessions.

  • Different points of view can be added. Supplementing the team with natural early adopters and internal experts in Strategic Thinking, Business IQ & EQ can add depth to the process.

  • Availability is key to momentum. This process is built to be quick and effective when time is set aside.

Our method.

Our Shaping Culture approach is agile and outcome-driven. We guide you and co-create with you. Proven to work with remote teams, this approach rapidly opens up possibilities and sets direction.

Due to COVID-19, we have re-engineered all our consulting, training, and coaching services for remote work practices. Our facilitators, coaches, and consultants are all trained to successfully run remote meetings. We use a variety of technologies to make remote engagements effective and engaging.