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Welcome and introductions


Rapid Insight

Assessment of the organization’s culture. What is working? What’s holding us back?


Understanding our DNA

Align where the organization currently is and where what it wants to be within its culture, talent, capabilities, value discipline, and with it’s clients (internally & externally).


Culture Mapping

Identify the good and bad habits of the current culture. Which do we need to keep or develop to accelerate the transformation? Which do we need to get rid of? 


The workshop is highly interactive and tailored to your needs. Participants may be asked to submit content ahead of time. A subset of these is chosen to discuss in small groups. This workshop is part of fassforward’s Lead Series.

Your Challenge:

“We need people to embrace our strategy and change behaviors.”

Leaders have a responsibility to their company’s culture. It’s a critical component of success that must be shaped and nurtured. As a leader, you must consider your role: Are you shaped by the culture around you? Or does the culture shape around you?


In the one-day Shaping Culture workshop assesses the organization's current culture and collective habits. Transform the DNA of the organization by establishing a set of principles to live by. Learn more about the culture around you, the elements that make it up, and how you can shape it.

At the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • Align the business's core DNA with its business strategy and values.

  • Understand the connection between company culture and its impact on the broader organization.

  • Provide a baseline from which to shape a company’s culture.


Professional skills gained:

  • Strategic thinking

  • Business IQ

Create guiding principles that shift habits and overcome cultural challenges.

We’re always open to a conversation and would love to hear from you.

New York

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