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So far, we’ve interviewed over 70 experts in this space. Business leaders who value the power of learning, like Chief Talent Officers, Chief Learning Officers, L&D Practitioners, and HR professionals. They represent a spectrum from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups, from industries as diverse as: Retail, Technology, Telecommunications, Insurance, Financial Services, Marketing Services, Private Equity, Healthcare and Academia. Would you like to join them?

Businesses have adjusted to the pandemic, and most non-essential employees are working from home. But what does that mean for learning? How will learning work when it's remote? Are the current technologies and practices a 'good enough' replacement?

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The Four I’s Framework

We’ve moved to a framework that ensures that our remote learning overcomes the disparity of in-person work. We call this framework, The Four I’s. They are Insights, Interaction, Intimacy, and Impact.


Where ‘Aha’ moments leave people clear on how the learning can be used and applied. In the world of remote learning, clarity of those learning points is more important than ever.


Humans are wonderfully distractible. Interaction drives attention, curiosity and interest. We make sure everything is question-driven, with engagement to keep fingers on keyboards.


Intimacy is easy in a physical environment. — where learners feel a connection with the facilitator, the content, and their colleagues. We build intimacy into the program from the outset.


Learning should last. It should create curiosity and further demand. In a remote world,great learning design, not just of the content, but all program aspects turn learning to skill-building.

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