Presenter Types — How can “Teachers” connect with their audience?

“A good teacher, like a good entertainer,

first must hold his audience’s attention.”

— John Henrik Clarke ¹

Tyler worked in Tech.

As a salesperson, he was as committed to his customer as to the products he sold.

He was also, as the saying goes, the one who could "talk past the end of the sale.” The customer might say on slide three, “I like it! When can we start?” but Tyler would feel the urge to continue, so enthralled by his product that he couldn't help but keep explaining it — even after the customer had already decided to buy it.

Tyler would keep going and going.

On slide 13, the customer would ask again: “I like it. How do we start?” But Tyler would keep going. The answer to ‘how do we start?’ was on slide 39. In Tyler’s mind, rather than skip to slide 39, it was important to step there logically.

One day, during a sales pitch, Tyler’s boss suddenly stepped in and took over the presentation mid-way through.

Later, Tyler asked, 'Why did you do that?' His boss explained, “because five minutes in the customer was ready to buy, and five minutes later she was bored to tears — you have to work off their rhythm.”

Tyler is the type of presenter we call a Teacher.