Executive Communications Coaching

Our Coaching Approach:

Coaching alignment

Finding the right coach with comparable professional and/or life experiences.

​Chemistry meeting

First meeting between the coach and client to establish a connection and buy-in to the coaching process. 

Rapid Insight 

360 interviews conducted with peers, directors and upper management. Feedback is organized into a Rapid Insight Synthesis that outlines key areas of strengths and opportunities.

Presenter Type Survey

Provides the coaching client insight into their strengths and areas for development in how they present. It also allows them to better understand how others present and the importance of communicating with different people differently. 

Outcome planning

Connects the common themes from the Presenter Type survey and the Rapid Insight synthesis. The gaps between the coaching client and other perspectives are outlined. Specific goals & desired outcomes are established.

Sponsor check-ins

Review of the client’s goals with the coaching sponsor ensuring alignment and accountability. Follow-up conversations are held with the sponsor throughout the coaching process to validate progress.

Expansive Resources

From incorporating our own in house facilitators to our creative studio, we have many resources to help improve your communications. We also use simple tools to solve complex problems. fassforward’s methodology has evolved from 19+ years of helping global leaders communicate more effectively.

Your Challenge:

“How can I be a more effective presenter, and have conversations that lead to results"

At fassforward, we believe leadership begins in the conversation. Effective leaders need to be more than strong communicators, they need to be translators. In today’s environment, presentations are the primary way in which leaders communicate strategy, business goals and desired outcomes.  Working with executives on presentations and their ability to tell a story has been an integral part of our work for the past 19+ years. 

Our communications offering varies from coaching on a specific presentation to developing presenting, storytelling, and conversational capabilities. We incorporate resources that range from our own facilitators, who present for a living, to our creative studio that can offer direct assistance on presentations. 


Professional skills gained:

  • Presentations

  • Influence

  • Informal Leadership


By the end of this coaching engagement, participants will create and deliver effective, impactful presentations. They will become a more effective communicator, make clearer decisions, and present pitches that win business.

We’re always open to a conversation and would love to hear from you.

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