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What vs. How

Big, traditional consultancies often come in and deliver the “what”, typically in the form of a very thick deck of recycled thinking, are paid handsomely and leave. What often happens next is that clients look at each other and say, “this was interesting, but how are we going to do it?!”. That’s where we come in and take the “what” and turn it into the “how” across the organization.

We see business as a system of interconnected parts.  Beginning with our Rapid Insight technique, we quickly go about understanding the lay of the land by connecting the dots of the client system. This is a real world way of seeing things that leaves high concepts, theories and old, worn out strategies to the others. In its place, we use our depth of professional experience in search of realistic, actionable outcomes that move the business forward. 

Over the last 20 years, we’ve honed this practical approach to what we call The Rize System℠. It’s our methodology for framing and contextualizing challenges. This amounts to a translation from, “big, 30,000’ strategy” right down to, “how this works on the ground"...

Leadership happens in the conversation. Conversation informs your culture, and allow your people to get work done. How you have conversations matters. Knowingly or unknowingly, we have conversations in three spheres.

The technical sphere is the conversation about the work – whether it’s being able to code, programming languages, project management. It’s where your credibility comes from.Your expertise.

The social sphere is the conversation you have that connects you to people. It’s the network you have and it’s the connections you make in that network.

Conversations in the political sphere are about how you work through people to get the job done.

So technical is the work, social is how you work with people, and political is how you work through people. The political sphere is all about standing. 


When you first start in an organization – where do you spend more of your time? - technical. As you move up in an organization – where do you spend more and more of your time? - political. Technical is where you earn respect. Social is where you marshal resources. Political is about how you get a seat at the table.


In short, technical is what I know, social is who I know and political is who knows me. Yet, leadership happens in the conversations of each sphere.

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